Personal trainer, social media influencer and sponsored athlete


I guess you could say it started with rugby, the school I went to is a serious rugby school, I played in the pack since I was in 1st year right up until 6th year.

In 6th year I was on the senior panel where our training was taken very very seriously, we actually ended up winning the cup.

Anyways as I was saying we had a serious training regime, which included a fitness, conditioning and weights program and some top class coaches to go with it.

Everyone would hate when we had a brutal conditioning session but I loved it, I loved pushing myself, I loved the pain, and I felt a sense of achievement and reward after putting my all into a good session, this is where my love for training and pushing my body started.

When I finished in school I played a bit of rugby but I started to veer more towards the gym/lifting, especially the more results I saw from the gym the more rugby died out for me.

I ended up stopping rugby after playing it for 7 years and putting full effort into my gym life. Wanting to take things even further I got my personal trainer qualification. Shortly after this I set up a Facebook page for myself to make informative fitness posts and track my progress.

I ended up getting hundreds upon hundreds of inboxes asking fitness related questions and looking for training and meal plans. I then started making youtube videos so I could answer multiple questions at once to a large audience. But I still kept receiving messages looking for personalised programs.

This is what made me set up

I truly believe the gym and fitness lifestyle is the best lifestyle there is and I am in this for the long run. This is only the beginning. Get in contact with me now and I will be with you every step of the way.



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